As with music, incorporating food into your session with an escort in GTA can work wonderfully, but only if done right. Otherwise it will seem tacky and can ruin the session. Very few people know how to properly incorporate food during sex, but in this article we will show you how. You should first be selective in the type of food you choose to bring into bed. Sweet substances like honey or chocolate syrup can work very well. Because honey is sticky, only small amounts should be placed on her (or your) body, before licking it off with your tongue. Honey has a number of health benefits and is said to be excellent for your complexion.

Honey should never be placed on, near or inside the vagina as this can cause an infection. Chocolate syrup is excellent when placed on the breasts, and if she decides to put it on your cock, be sure that it is thoroughly removed before intercourse. Peanut butter is another staple that has been successfully used in bed. You can place it on the nipples, stomach, or rear end. Of course, check to be sure that your partner is not allergic to peanuts.

Food should never, ever, be placed on condoms in anyway, as they don’t function well with them. Whip cream and fruits such as cherries, strawberries or grapes can also be wonderful additions to the bedroom. When it comes to combining food with sex, you are only limited by your imagination.

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