Some hobbyists like to kiss, as it gives them an authentic girlfriend experience. Some escorts in Toronto are open to it, while others are not, so it is important to establish up front whether a provider does it before you make an appointment with her. As with massages, kissing is a basic form of foreplay. It is the appetizer that leads to sex. Kissing is important because it plays a role in mate selection, and it allows two partners to bond. When a man kisses a woman, he gets to know her by her chemical taste. Many hobbyists desire escorts who kiss because they know instinctively that it leads to better sex.

When you kiss, move in slow, as nothing kills the passion more than knocking teeth together or bumping heads. When starting out, keep your tongue and saliva inside your mouth. If you try to place your tongue or saliva into her mouth too soon, you will remove the chance to increase the desire later on. Start off lightly to explore. Touch her lips with your own. As you do this, allow your hands to wander around her body. Move her hair away from her face and put your hands around her waist.

DFK (Deep French Kissing) should come later, when you’re in the middle of sex. You want to start off with light kissing to build up to it. Of course, you should brush, floss or use mouth wash before your hot date, to ensure your breath is fresh. Nothing kills a kissing session faster than bad breath, from the male or female.

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