Much has been written on the G-spot but comparatively little has been written on another pleasure spot: the AFE zone. Also known as the A-spot, this area is accessed inside the vagina on the front wall. Stimulating this area can cause your Montreal provider to gain greater levels of arousal as well as more vaginal wetness. Accessing this area will require either deep penetration with the fingers or specific sex positions.

Unfortunately, many escorts do not allow fingers inside their vaginas, which means its impossible to stimulate either their A-spots or G-spots, as both require vaginal penetration. Some women do not like fingers in their vaginas because of germs and the possibility of infection. This is logical, as the hands tend to be one of the dirtiest areas of the body and many men don’t wash them. I mean how many times have you been in a men’s room and saw a guy that finished and walk out without washing his hands? Or perhaps you’ve done it yourself? Exactly.

However, if you want to pleasure the A or G spot, you must hire an escort that does allow fingers inside her vagina. Just be sure your hands are clean, lubricated, and your nails are cut. One of the best ways to stimulate the A/G spot is to have her lie face down on the bed. That way, when you insert your finger or toy her front vaginal wall will be caught between your fingers and the bed, and will enhance the sensation. Remember to firmly massage the front wall, rather than the back.

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