Preparing for Your Escort Session in Toronto

The quality of your pay for play experience in GTA will depend highly on preparation. Some of the men who hire escorts in this city are residents, while others are travelers. Different levels of preparation will be needed for each type. If you are traveling to Toronto on business, you will need to arrange everything in advance. At the bare minimum, everything should be set in motion a week before you visit. The top escorts in Toronto often have busy schedules and a life outside of adult entertainment, so if you show up at the last minute trying to book an appointment you will likely find yourself disappointed.

Travelers should also book a nice hotel. A nice four or five star hotel will provide the luxurious surroundings which will further enhance your session. The last thing you want to do is meet a companion in a dump. It is also important to make sure your home is clean. The bed sheets should be fresh, the bathroom should be spotless, and you should make use of warm, subdued lighting. Never invite an escort into your home when it’s very dark or too poorly lit, as this will make her nervous, which is the last thing you want. Toronto has cold winters, so if you’re inviting over a lady during the holidays, be sure she walks into a warm and cozy home.

Condoms should always be close by. Because men differ in terms of the brands they prefer, it is best not to expect the escort to have condoms, even though she might. You should never have to search for condoms; you should know exactly where they are so you can get to them quickly. It is also prudent for men to avoid ejaculating at least three days before their escort session. Delaying ejaculation will give you a stronger erection, better sensitivity, and a bigger load when you finally do ejaculate. This can be helpful when you decide to finish on her face, or in her mouth.

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