Tantric sex has its origins in the far east, but the version available in the West is different. It is important not to get the two versions confused. Western tantric sex involves the incorporation of rituals into the session. These rituals are designed to showcase sex as being an important event, instead of something which is just trivial. Escorts who practice tantric sex will often take baths with their clients, will decorate the room with candles or flowers, or play  certain types of music. They will also make a point to maintain eye contact during sex with their clients.

Tantric sex also involves deep breathing, and taking your time. The majority of escorts who offer this form of sex like to go slow, and won’t engage in quickies or things of that nature. Some tantric adherents believe that it is possible for men to experience multiple orgams through tantra, but others say it depends mostly on the individual.

Our recommendation is to give tantric sex a try. There are a number of escorts in Montreal who offer it, and because of the nature of tantra, you will likely need to visit them at their residence for an incall appointment. The reason for this is because Tantra sex partly involves altering one’s environment or surroundings to increase seduction and arousal.

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